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Ally Love

Today’s Pop Ride with Alley Love was hard for me. My output was close to but below the trend line.  As a manager once said, “Some days are diamonds, some days stones.”  Reminds me of a GW Bush bumper sticker, “Like A Rock, but dumber”.  I had fun chasing GingersnapLJ who started this on demand ride about 2 minutes ahead of me.  We matched pace pretty much, though I gained on her slowly then we passed each other a few times being at slightly different points in the ride with varying intensity.  She passed me and finished her ride ahead.  With two minutes to go, I finished ahead by maybe 17 kj.  I put in a request to follow. Her profile is private.  Perhaps she’s open to followers, we’ll see.

I’m an equal opportunity follower.  I have both guys and gals of all ages in my queue.  I’ve been followed by a number of people who I’ve met (passed) on rides.  It’s a community.  Some women take exception to being “followed”,  which I fully understand though no personal data is available on a profile.  Hence my request to follow Ginger.

This ride’s cadence was remarkable.  There were long stretches at over 100 cadence with long pushes above 115 to 120.  It’s a challenge to sustain with moderate resistance; fun in a masochistic way (?!?) Today’s output was 380 kj, today’s trend line is at 385kj.  Oh well.   Another 14 virtual miles toward Tierra Del Fuego!

Why I Enjoy, two examples.


My cat injured a crow while playing and they want revenge now. They’ve peed on the house and put a crow outside. They’ve also showed us the injured crow so that we give them the cat. What can I do? by Fran Wisniowski




Why do people assume that all Trump voters are deplorables? Don’t they understand that some of them voted for Trump for business reasons? by Andy Simmons


Covert Affairs, AAA Insurance, Peloton


Covert Affairs

We finished the last episode of season 5.  Ellen was actually in tears a few times.  This is a fun DC based spy thriller romp.  It is escapism at its finest.  This series starts out very campy with a cartoon like intro after a few minutes intro to the episode.   The dialog was ok the first season and grew more compelling with each subsequent season.  We often found ourselves thinking or often saying, “no, don’t do that” or “disguise yourself” or “watch out!”.  Funny, we really were sucked in. What do we squander our time on next?

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AAA Insurance

Today I received a letter from AAA Insurance, the company paying for repairs on my Boxster.  As I opened it, I recognized it was a check. We had agreed that the check would go directly to O’Gara for the repair.  “This is strange” I thought.  Still stranger was the amount of the check, $450.00.  What?  That’s a far cry from the amount we had settled on for the repairs.  I quickly scanned the text to find that AAA had issued a check for the six days of non-use of the Boxster!  This was totally unexpected and a credit to AAA.  I guess I never made it clear to them that she is a garage queen.  She spends most of her time hidden away.

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Today I took one of Matt’s 60 minute Power Zone Endurance rides “on demand”.  There were 11 other riders.  I quickly passed the few slower and found myself gaining on a <20 female.  She had started thirty minutes ahead of me and though I gained steadily, I never did catch up.  I gave her a high five as she neared finishing with no high five back.  I’m not sure about the etiquette of a >60 yr old guy congratulating a teenager on her accomplishment.  I’d think no big deal, but that’s me.

At the 20 minute mark, I noticed two >40 yr males behind and closing.  I had two choices: stay in my lane and follow the class queues or “blast away” and try to stay ahead.  I kept to the class program and maintained my zones without approaching lactic threshold.  The first of the two guys passed me about 20 minutes later. He slowly and methodically chipped away at my lead.  The other guy never caught up.

A power zone endurance ride is not designed to produce high output. It is meant to condition the body to holding a moderate output for extended periods of time.  It builds a base for extended power output later.  Even so, my output was above the trend line and an overall good workout.  Add another 18.5 miles to my Trans-America challenge.

You Can Be a Russian Bot Hunter!

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Josh Russelll, Systems Analyst Indiana University

There is a growing network of Russian Bot hunters.  If you have the inclination and free time you can join the hunt.  I’ll post more about the network as I learn more.  Here’s the article/video that piqued my interest.

Josh Russell CNN

Ellen, Hilton Head, JJ, Peloton, minor “win”

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Hilton Head Marina, SC

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Palmetto Bluff, SC

Hilton Head

Jess asked Ellen if she was free to visit for a week in early September.  Ryan is taking a week’s trip and Jess would love the company.  Ellen loves Jess, Ryan, and Ariana, their daughter and would love to visit Hilton Head for a week.

We have plans for a North West US RV  trip this fall.  A trip to Hilton Head could complicate our travels by pushing our travel dates out another week or two.  Typical of us, we do not make hard plan when we travel by RV.  There are no reservations to cancel.  Ellen asked if it was OK for her to go, “Of course you can go if you want.”

The last time we visited Ryan was ecstatic about a trip to Tampa to look at and perhaps purchase another boat.  He is a master a taking a good looking working boat and making it “special” by adding functional details that enhance a boat. Jess was somewhat disappointed when he sold the first boat he rebuilt and more aggravated when he talked about selling his current boat, which he also modified.  He plans to bring “the perfect” boat back from Tampa and no doubt make it “more perfect”.  Practically everything Ryan touches turns into money.  It is not luck, he has an eye for turning a profit.

There’s a nervous truce between sailors and power boaters.  I love the quiet of a sailboat running afore the wind and the feeling that the entire world is accessible by sail.  That is anathema to most power boaters and Hilton Head has more than its share, Ryan among them.  I do love being on the water and offshore fishing.  For me power boating is just fine.  I’d probably be happy bobbing around in a 50 gallon drum.    

So while Ryan is on his adventure, Ellen will be on her adventure with Jessica and Ari-NaNa.  I’d go too (I enjoy Hilton Head), but it’s a girl’s thing really.  I’d much rather go after Ryan returns with his next project.  Each of his boats has been a few feet longer than the last.  I wonder what he will return with.



Pretty Great 15-18 Second Output


Today’s live classes were either short (20 or 30 min) or with a “Live DJ”, with the commensurate bopping around, bike dancing, care-free free wheelin’.  Live DJ rides are not for me.  I took a 45 min JJ On Demand 80’s ride that had 53 live riders when I started.  When I finished there were 111 of us.  As usual I climbed the leader board slowly catching and passing a bevy of 30 and 50 year olds, a mix of women and men.  It’s odd, but the 40 year olds are harder riders.   Two of them passed me in the 45 minutes.  One hauled ass by and kept going.  The other slowly crept up as I passed people, he gained.  Eventually he was gone too.  They both motivated me. Surprisingly I gained on one of them, but gave up catching him as he sped off.  Funny all this dynamic catching and passing is taking place on a stationary cycle!

I did not feel like today’s ride was exemplary.  JJ had us do six 15 to 20 second pushes at a high resistance and cadence.  I hit 124 rpm at over 55 resistance, but could not maintain  497 kj for long.  The ride statistics bore this out, nothing special: not average cadence, resistance, speed, or output.  However the power curve showed just how hard those short pushes were. This ride had the best 15-18 second output of all of 2018 including rides on Chanda’s “magic bike”.

The graph above shows today’s ride in purple and the best output for all rides in 2018 in light gray.  The two intersect at the 15-20 second interval which means that today’s ride had the best output for that timespan this year.  Yay. 

Admiral William McRaven, an American Patriot

Image: William McRaven

“I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency,” William McRaven, a retired four-star admiral, wrote in an open letter to Trump in the Washington Post. “Few Americans have done more to protect this country than John. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.”

Another 14 virtual miles


Power Curve Today vs Best of 2018


Today I took an on demand hip-hop ride with Robin Arzon On Demand.  I felt really sluggish during the warm up.  My legs did not want to move.  There were 63 other riders taking the ride.   After the first few minutes things got better, legs warmed up, more resistance felt good.  I noticed that I was four or five point of output behind the next person on the leaderboard.  The next past her (30’s female) was another 8 higher.  Cool, targets!  That motivated me through the ride. Next up, 6 points ahead let’s get ‘em.  As time went on most of the “riders” on the leader board had finished (there’s a progress circle that shows percentage completed).  They were easy to surpass.  There was a 20 year old and a 30 year old who held on for a while, then dropped back.  However, this one 50 year old woman who had started after me was keeping pace ahead, though at a different point in the ride.   After a while I hit a push, caught up, and passed her.  As I passed riders who had finished, she dropped off the bottom of my limited leader board view.  Minutes later, she climbed back, passed me, and dropped out of sight at the top of my limited leader board view.  Aw Shucks.  I kept plodding along (working hard) passing mostly finished riders and the occasional 30 something woman until Ms 50 yr old re-appeared atop the leader board.  I was closing on her or at least there were no riders whose output was between mine and hers.  I put it “in gear” and she did as well. A few minutes later she disappeared not to be seen again.   I gave her a high five before she disappeared. (high five is a social gesture you can give by pushing on a rider’s leader board icon.)  No high five back? Not uncommon.

What was surprising and a bit disappointing was my total output: 394 kj.  I was pushing past “all these people” on the leader board and finished like #6 of 63, pretty good I thought.  But my best 45 minute output (my PR) is 486!  92 more than on this ride, a 23% difference!  Twenty Three Percent!?!

This is one reason tracking performance is a good idea.  A ride’s output doesn’t lie.  I felt like this was a very high performance ride and it was not.  It’s far from my best.  Am I disappointed?  If I compared raw outputs I could be, but looking at the overall plots of my 45 minute rides, both the average output and overall output fall above the trend line.  This was a better than average ride.  No complaints here!

The power curve image at the top of the page compares today’s output against the best output for any and all rides in 2018 for a period of time.  The example shows comparative output for a 28 minute 20 second window.  My best output, 186 kj, was on August 3rd.  Today’s 28:20 output was a measly 151 kj. provides this breakdown and other statistics.  I’ve setup to directly feed ride measurements to directly feeds to track cumulative mileage on virtual missions. also feeds mPaceLine, a performance tracking app for smart phones.  All these data intensive tracking applications take the guesswork out of athletic improvement over time.  It’s pretty cool if you’re a data nerd.