“Monkey up the works”, Ron DeSantis; Violence; Peloton

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This Guy

Said, “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda…” on Fox News

To This Guy

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I’d avoid references to monkeys in this instance.

And then there are these two gems.

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Inciting Violence

 An Explanation

Image: Donald Trump

During a Dinner for Evangelicals

Changed Tax Law



Heart Rate Zones, Today’s Ride

Ride #300!

My first year on the Peloton is past.  It’s time to update my PeloPhoto.

Today and for the first time Peloton screwed up their class schedule.  I took a 45 minute class that, for me, abruptly ended at 30 minutes into the class.  The audio/video stream from the class continued, Jess King kept on keepin’ on, but for me the leaderboard and my statistics froze as if the class was 30 minutes! Bang, done.  This was a very competitive live class. I was enjoying bouncing between #112 and #96.  I hoped to get down into the 80’s or 70’s.  Then the “music stopped”, well the music continued; my statistics stopped.  Bummer.

Interestingly my output for the 30 minutes was a few marks off my best 30 minute output, nearly matching output on Chanda’s go-get ‘em cycle.  After yesterday’s less than stellar performance, today felt really good once I stopped.

I think I’m getting acclimatized and I’m too focused on the numbers.  I need to shake things up somehow.  The graph above shows percentage of time on the ride spent in my various heart rate zones.  Spending a lots of time in Threshold indicates a hard ride; my heart was working hard.  Ventures into Anaerobic are healthy, provided they are brief.  This was a hard ride.

For what it’s worth, our overall price per class (including the price of the cycle, the accessories, and a prepaid year of class) is now below $10.00.  Consider that a single SoulCycle in studio class is priced at $34.00 and a Peloton in studio class is $32.00.

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