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We’re off to find a replacement for Ellen’s Trek cycle.  She’s uncomfortable riding on “narrow” tires.  There’s more to the story, but I’ll leave it at that.  Soooooo, we’re looking at a Tricycle for her.  Conveniently our good friends Cynthia and Jim are early adopters (Jim) and love to tinker with things (Jim) and love adding electric drive to things (Jim) and love tricycles (Jim again?).  So it’s only natural that when we visit, Jim shows off his latest creation which are usually a marvel of customization and performance.  That got Ellen started.  I thought (hoped?) her interest would drop off over a few weeks, but it did not.  Soooooo, we are looking at a Tricycle for her.

Enter Zack Kaplan Cycles, Catrikes.  I visited earlier this week with Jim & Cyn. Ellen couldn’t make it.  I am impressed with the design and build quality of Catrikes.  They are pricey at the high end, but to me it is worth it if I can get Ellen on a cycle outdoors with me.  The four of us are off to Zack’s place to “look at” Catrikes later today.


I’ve bought, upgraded, and sold a number of properties over the year.  I’m not a real estate “expert” nor an industry “insider”, but I have tons of real world experience.  Sometimes I’ve shared some of that experience with Quora members who post intelligent questions or who seem naïve in real estate.  Somehow I now have an average of six people asking me to answer investment questions.  I could spend hours if I took them all seriously.  I think I’m going to lay low for a few weeks in the hopes “they” find someone else to pester.  Now and then I might be motivated to answer, we’ll see.

I enjoy Quora. Recently a number of intelligent answers to leading (conservative) questions have been so on target that I’ve saved them to post here.  When we get back from Zack’s, I’ll start.


My legs feel like lead.  Alley Love’s 45 min Interval Workout was killer.  My output was above the trend line, though not impressive.  I’m getting used to that; I’ll call it a plateau and keep on hammering away. Average speed was better; 18.8 mph.  Higher than most rides.  My heart rate was mostly in the “red”, threshold region.  Again this is typical for a hard but not insane ride.  Among the 72 live riders on this on demand class I cam in at #8.  The gap to #7’s output was a bridge too far, something like 40 kj.

I feel relaxed and alive, if thirsty now.

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