Florence (the Hurricane), Ari-NaNa, Florida Fishing




Ellen is visiting Jessica and baby Ariana this week.  Florence will make landfall tomorrow evening in North Carolina. Jessie lives in Bluffton SC, across from Hilton Head.  Hilton Head is under evacuation orders. It is looking like Bluffton will get some good rain and a bit of wind, but will escape the brunt of this one.  North Carolina may be in for a shock.

Ariana, who will be one year old November 24th, is very cute. This is quite a statement coming from a guy who thinks all babies are lumps of farting, burping, crap machines. She is cute.  Better (or worse depending) is she looks from some angles EXACTLY like Ellen’s daughter Kirsten! I know Kirsten will have a boat load of comments on this one.  I provide one,just one, photo in my defense.

Now why is Ellen in South Carolina?  Well because Ryan is not in SC.  Who is this Ryan?  He is an inveterate fisherman, love of the waterman, and father of Ari-nana.  He’d be home if he were not in Tampa.  What’s he doing in Tampa?  Of course he is looking for his next project (buying a boat to convert to his concept of “the perfect boat”) and on the side doing some FISHING! Of Course, you say.


Florida Fishing

I have been a fisherguy for most of my life, when I can get a break from work and responsibility.  I’m hoping to get some time in for fly fishing in Montana soon. But back to Ryan.  He and a group of (very lucky) guys went fishing while in Tampa and came back with a huge sword fish.  I’ve gone marlin fishing and got zero, nada, nothing.  Marlin is not a particularly good fish to catch, they’re not good eating.  They do fight well, or so I’m told.  But if you like fish for dinner, don’t go with Marlin. But swordfish?  That’s a great eating hunk of seafood.  It’s wonderful.  And these refugees from South Carolina who ingloriously and unceremoniously left the path of a world class hurricane to go, what? Fishing? These guys caught a swordfish.  Not just a small dumb-ass teenaged swordfish, but the one pictured below. I am sooooo jealous.  So jealous.  But my personal feelings aside, this is one great fishing trip guys.  Ryan is center behind the dorsal fin.  Congratulations All!!

Rear Ender

Scott dropped “E Favola” off at O’Gara last Monday.  Charlie called yesterday to say the repairs will be completed today.  He agreed to keep the car until Monday when Scott can pick it up. 

Happy Birthday Scott!


Napa Valley wine tasting after a friend's wedding, 2005

E Favola, our 2000 Boxster S,  in the Wine Country, 2005

Kaspersky & DHS

Wow, this morning I had trouble with a  website’s certificate.  I went to my Kaspersky app and it was not loaded!?!  Ok, I’ll start it manually.  On startup the Kaspersky app took “forever” to load.  WTF? A Google search turned up DHS BANs Kaspersky and an article about why this is possible and that it happened!  Really, I’ve got no antivirus?

Time to uninstall Kaspersky and find something that’s (nearly) as good?!  Crap.  Oh Well.  I went through this process a while ago and decided to keep Kaspersky because it is really really good at what it does.  Apparently it’s a security risk, if you’re the US government.

Peloton, Quora, Zack Kaplan


Zack Kaplan Cycles

We’re off to find a replacement for Ellen’s Trek cycle.  She’s uncomfortable riding on “narrow” tires.  There’s more to the story, but I’ll leave it at that.  Soooooo, we’re looking at a Tricycle for her.  Conveniently our good friends Cynthia and Jim are early adopters (Jim) and love to tinker with things (Jim) and love adding electric drive to things (Jim) and love tricycles (Jim again?).  So it’s only natural that when we visit, Jim shows off his latest creation which are usually a marvel of customization and performance.  That got Ellen started.  I thought (hoped?) her interest would drop off over a few weeks, but it did not.  Soooooo, we are looking at a Tricycle for her.

Enter Zack Kaplan Cycles, Catrikes.  I visited earlier this week with Jim & Cyn. Ellen couldn’t make it.  I am impressed with the design and build quality of Catrikes.  They are pricey at the high end, but to me it is worth it if I can get Ellen on a cycle outdoors with me.  The four of us are off to Zack’s place to “look at” Catrikes later today.


I’ve bought, upgraded, and sold a number of properties over the year.  I’m not a real estate “expert” nor an industry “insider”, but I have tons of real world experience.  Sometimes I’ve shared some of that experience with Quora members who post intelligent questions or who seem naïve in real estate.  Somehow I now have an average of six people asking me to answer investment questions.  I could spend hours if I took them all seriously.  I think I’m going to lay low for a few weeks in the hopes “they” find someone else to pester.  Now and then I might be motivated to answer, we’ll see.

I enjoy Quora. Recently a number of intelligent answers to leading (conservative) questions have been so on target that I’ve saved them to post here.  When we get back from Zack’s, I’ll start.


My legs feel like lead.  Alley Love’s 45 min Interval Workout was killer.  My output was above the trend line, though not impressive.  I’m getting used to that; I’ll call it a plateau and keep on hammering away. Average speed was better; 18.8 mph.  Higher than most rides.  My heart rate was mostly in the “red”, threshold region.  Again this is typical for a hard but not insane ride.  Among the 72 live riders on this on demand class I cam in at #8.  The gap to #7’s output was a bridge too far, something like 40 kj.

I feel relaxed and alive, if thirsty now.

“Monkey up the works”, Ron DeSantis; Violence; Peloton

Image result for ron desantis

This Guy

Said, “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda…” on Fox News

To This Guy

Image result for gillum

I’d avoid references to monkeys in this instance.

And then there are these two gems.

Image result for trump

Inciting Violence

 An Explanation

Image: Donald Trump

During a Dinner for Evangelicals

Changed Tax Law



Heart Rate Zones, Today’s Ride

Ride #300!

My first year on the Peloton is past.  It’s time to update my PeloPhoto.

Today and for the first time Peloton screwed up their class schedule.  I took a 45 minute class that, for me, abruptly ended at 30 minutes into the class.  The audio/video stream from the class continued, Jess King kept on keepin’ on, but for me the leaderboard and my statistics froze as if the class was 30 minutes! Bang, done.  This was a very competitive live class. I was enjoying bouncing between #112 and #96.  I hoped to get down into the 80’s or 70’s.  Then the “music stopped”, well the music continued; my statistics stopped.  Bummer.

Interestingly my output for the 30 minutes was a few marks off my best 30 minute output, nearly matching output on Chanda’s go-get ‘em cycle.  After yesterday’s less than stellar performance, today felt really good once I stopped.

I think I’m getting acclimatized and I’m too focused on the numbers.  I need to shake things up somehow.  The graph above shows percentage of time on the ride spent in my various heart rate zones.  Spending a lots of time in Threshold indicates a hard ride; my heart was working hard.  Ventures into Anaerobic are healthy, provided they are brief.  This was a hard ride.

For what it’s worth, our overall price per class (including the price of the cycle, the accessories, and a prepaid year of class) is now below $10.00.  Consider that a single SoulCycle in studio class is priced at $34.00 and a Peloton in studio class is $32.00.


Image result for serena williams catsuit

Black Panther Inspired Suit, Mais Non!

Image result for serena williams tutu

TuTu? C’est bon! (really?)


Serena Williams

The French banned Serena’s catsuit going forward?  Her response? A tutu!

More info at the link below.

No CatSuit No Problem

Bikes & Trikes


Today’s Very Mediocre Power Curve

The Bike that Goes Nowhere

I was not feeling it today.  I suppose a few days “off” does that to me.  I did have the incentive of a 20 year old woman dogging me on the leader board, which was exhilarating.  I did pull away and finish #4 of 77 live riders, Yay.  Still, I was not feeling strong; it felt like work.  Today’s output data agreed.  Every point of data (aside from finishing #4) was average,  Ho Hum.

I’ll have to chalk this one up to “one of those days” and move on.  No sense overthinking it.


Image result for dumont folded

Catrike Dumont

Image result for dumont folded

Dumont Folded


Our good friend Jim, who is a meticulous gadget nut, has been electrifying tricycles for a number of years now.  He has experimented with different tricycles, motors and battery setups. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving his latest creation and it was zippy.  It was fun to drive.  I’d say ride, but with a motor and a throttle, it’s as much a vehicle as a cycle.  The idea of tooling around in a tricycle has been growing on my wife.  She never rode as a child and just does not feel stable on a bicycle.  I’m sure she is thinking it would be fun to keep up with me easily at whatever pace and even to zoom by from time to time.   I’m not sold on recumbents or tricycles for myself, but for Ellen?  Score 1 for a trike.

Jim and I have a similar problem to solve: we have motorhomes and do not want to tow a vehicle. What is the best alternative to towing a car that lets us and our wives tool around once the motorhome is parked?  Electric trikes fit the bill.  They are easily charged, many models fold, and they can go on trails that cars just cannot.   I could put a rack at the back of our RV for my bicycle and a trike for Ellen, no problem.  Jim has been researching tandem trikes and found a fellow in Germany who makes a tandem in low volume production.  He actually flew to Germany to test ride one before ordering.  It comes with a motor, though Jim declined that option and will build his own!

Yesterday, Jim & Cyn visited a local tricycle dealer to test drive a few and I tagged along.  I know next to nothing about tricycles and I have not kept up with bicycle components/accessories since I got my Trek in 1996.  ( I love my Trek.) I must say I was impressed with Catrike’s designs.  I chose not to test ride one; it would be for Ellen and it’s her opinion that would matter.  Then too, I might actually like it! (then what?) The way the Catrike folds makes it easy to transport and perfect for our RV.  It might even fit in the under bed compartment or in the shower! That would be awesome.  In any event carrying a trike and my bicycle would solve our local travel/toad problem.  Score another for a trike.

A portion of the bay trail, a paved path that winds around San Francisco Bay, that connects Hercules with Pinole and Richmond is nearing completion.   When completed, this will give us a beautiful, long bicycle path and an alternative to the Peloton for exercise.  With Ellen on an electric assisted tricycle, she will be able to keep up if I power through a few miles of hard cycling.  That will be great for her and for me.  Score another.

All four of us will go back to “our” Catrike dealer this Thursday to do some more test riding and (I suspect) color selection.   I only see one drawback with my Trek vs Ellen’s soon to be trike: dirt and gravel roads.  I have narrow Kevlar belted racing tires that are virtually indestructible, but they do not do well on gravel and with no suspension I’d be rattled to death at speed on dirt.  If we stick to paved paths I