Code P3131, Nissan Leaf

Last April I had my leaf’s TCU updated to 3G for $199.  A bit much for what should be a standard feature in the leaf.  Nissan discontinued support for the 2g band.  The upgrade restored smart phone connectivity to the car.  Great.

Last month the 12 volt battery died and I had AAA give me a jump start.  I drove around for a while putting some charge back into the battery.  The next day the battery was dead.  Another AAA fellow came by and noticed that I had a AAA battery I had installed last September!  I had entirely forgotten.  So TCU went in in April, battery failed and was replaced in September, and that battery failed in November!

The AAA guy asked if I had paperwork for the battery.  It was under warranty and I’d get a new battery free of charge with the paperwork.  Normally I file away everything car and house related. I couldn’t find the paperwork.  I looked and looked.  Finally the AAA guy said he couldn’t in good conscience sell me another battery.  He created paperwork to cover the purchase in September, then installed a new battery under warranty.  (He clearly didn’t have to do this.  I doubt most service people would.)  He suggested I have the car’s parasitic current draw checked out.  Something was killing the battery.

Yesterday I dropped the car off at the dealer.  They would charge $175 to diagnose the problem and take it from there. Later in the day I got a call saying there was a service bulletin out on this problem TSBNTB18-045B.  The solution was to reprogram the TCU.  Apparently a shutoff timeout had not been set correctly. 

The best news: there was no charge. 

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