Happy Halloween!

We’ve had over 300 ghosts and goblins at our door.  The street is like a huge party with the young and very young going door to door in costume.  It’s been lots of fun, though we are doomed; we will run out of goodies. This happened last year and we prepared this year.  “We have so much we cannot possibly run out this year!”, sure….

The trick-or-treaters this year remind me of my neighborhood around the time I outgrew going door to door. The sidewalks are full.  Our porch was full a few times tonight.

We have a hanging skeleton in a black robe that shakes its head and flashes its bright red eyes saying, “There’s something spooky out tonight, and I think it’s YOU!  HA ha ha ha ha ha ha”  Or “Did you come for a treat or do you want a trick?  HA ha ha ha ha ha”  Or “Yet another creature of the night approaches! Ha ha ha ha”.  It’s laughter is diabolical.  It scared more than one child right off the deck.  I get a kick out of the few who say, “I remember him from last year”  or the one little boy who as fascinated by it.  He stood and watch as I pulled on the robs and got the skeleton to speak again and again.  He walked up to the door and pulled on the robe himself.  Even when mom put him to carry him off, he was still staring at the skeleton in awe.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. We have a “speaking” bat with flashing teeth and eyes, and a small “haunted house” that provides background scary sounds.  They’re quick to setup and remarkable for their impact.

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