This Past 4th of July

Kathy, Dan, Gavin, and Marie headed home this past Sunday.  We had a great time with Kathy & Dan in Sacramento on the 4th.  The fireworks that evening were brash, loud, and big fun.  Gavin went through missing mommy the first evening, but was find thereafter.  I made pizza dough and cooked up a Hawaiian, a pepperoni, and a veggie pizza for the crew.  Cleary I could have doubled the dough recipe. The pizzas disappeared quickly.

Image result for 2014 winnebago viewWe took “Li’l Beast” to Sacramento as a dust off before our fall trip to Montana. Surprisingly, I forgot to disconnect the chassis battery the last time I parked the RV and the battery was dead.  The battery boost switch let me start and drive to Sacramento using the double camper batteries to start.

I had a funny experience in Sacramento.  Typically I do repairs myself and changing out a battery is no big deal.  I drove to a parts shop, checked out replacement batteries from a catalog, then popped the hood.  Mercedes did not put the Sprinter battery under the hood and I could not locate the battery or the manual.  Finally after calling Ellen to ask if she remembered where we put the manual, I found it right where we usually put it:  inside the black Winnebago folder. Great.  The battery is located in a compartment under the driver’s feet. 

Typical of German engineering, three screws remove a plastic retainer that holds the carpeting down.  Under the carpet sits a cover held down with four screws.  Sitting under the cover is a battery with one lead to ground and a bunch of cables connected in a jumper box connected to the battery. OK, Sure. I’m not messing with that I thought.

Next I called a local Mercedes dealer and spoke with a repair scheduler, a woman who was most helpful.  She said I could make an appointment and might be able to get in today or I could have a mobile truck come out and replace the battery.  The mobile service is at no additional charge. I’d just be charged for the battery!  No Kidding.  I arranged to have a technician meet me at Dan & Kathy’s to replace the battery.

Well the fellow who came out tried to resuscitate the battery, failed, and said he had not brought along a replacement battery.  He also said I’d get a repair tech out more quickly if I called in for service rather than having him make the call.  Strange, but Ok.  I made what was now my third call into Mercedes.  The same woman answered and arranged to have a second fellow come out with a battery.  Twenty minutes later, I had a new German made battery installed.  The RV/Battery was out of warranty, though the price was less than a battery would have been at that parts company I first visited.  I had the joy of re-installing the battery cover, the carpet, and the retaining fascia.

How times have changed.  I suppose so many people cannot change a tire or replace a battery that these have become routine for mobile repair. Next time I’ll remember to make a service call FIRST! 

San Francisco Bay Trail, Pinole


1,100-foot gradually-sloping bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks

Pinole is building a pedestrian bridge over the CalTrain tracks to join Hercules’ Bay Trail with Richmond’s Bay Trail. This is a significant project at over $13M.  It was due to be completed in June 2018.

This past Saturday Gavin and I bicycled over to the causeway in hopes of cycling on to Richmond’s Bay Trail with a fantastic view of San Francisco across the bay.  Unfortunately the bridge is not yet completed.  Even so bicycling the Pinole and Hercules bay trail is a wonderful way to relax and take in the San Pablo Bay vista.

On Sunday, Ellen joined us in bicycling to Pinole.  This is unusual as she does not feel stable on a two wheeled cycle.  She had a good time and I could see her confidence build in the short time we were out.  I changed out the bicycle seat that came with her Trek bike for one that is more comfortable for her.  She’ll cycle more often.  I cannot wait for the Pinole causeway to open.  That will link the few miles of Hercules’ and Pinole’s Bay Trail with miles already in place in Richmond and give us an incentive to cycle outdoors more often.

Peloton Expands in the Bay Area


A new storefront opened in Walnut Creek.  Jennifer Jacobs, who is from the Bay Area, will make an appearance at the store Wednesday (tomorrow).  I may go, it would be fun to meet her.



Jul 12, 2018
10:00 AM until 09:00 PM

Peloton, the technology company that is revolutionizing the fitness industry, is opening its newest showroom in Walnut Creek, California, at Broadway Plaza. This location is the third showroom in San Francisco Bay Area. To mark its opening, Peloton instructor Jennifer Jacobs will be making an appearance at the showroom from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, and will return that evening for the Peloton cocktail reception from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

All are welcome to come to the showroom to take a test ride, learn more about Peloton and meet Peloton instructor Jennifer Jacobs. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served during the cocktail reception.

Once upon, this location will serve as a hub for those in the San Francisco Bay area, allowing prospective and current Peloton Members to ride in the showroom, review proper form and bike settings, and keep up with the company’s newest classes and features. The highly anticipated Peloton Tread will not yet be shown on the floor, but showroom associates can answer questions and place pre-orders.

Additionally, on opening day, Members will be able to take advantage of Peloton’s referral program. When Members refer a friend to Peloton, the referrer receives $100 to the boutique and the referee receives $100 off bike accessories.

The Peloton Showroom can be reached at 925-939-7601.Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; and Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. 




View mapPeloton Walnut Creek Showroom
Broadway Plaza
1275 Broadway Plaza
Walnut Creek, CA

Additional Information

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

Virtually HOME! Arrived Hercules

With two 30 minute rides this morning, I’ve arrived at Hwy 80, Hercules on my way (virtually) across the country. I’m 2888 virtual miles from NYC and “just” 116 miles from the finish at San Jose.

Peloton is opening a shop in Walnut Creek. JJ will be at the shop Wednesday.   It would be fun to actually meet her in person.  She is one of a few instructors I regularly chose to kick my butt. 

We’ve completed 306 classes since our cycle was delivered 8/16/17.   Adding all costs for the cycle and dividing by the number of classes we’ve taken, the price per class is $11.23.  That’s a bargain for spin classes.

All For One, Peloton ride tomorrow

There are 12,262 riders signed up for tomorrow’s “all for one” ride.  I think there will be more riders on tomorrow’s ride than were on last year’s Guinness World Record ride.  I hope the infrastructure holds up.  I’d hate to have the “white circle of death” interrupt the fun.

Ride On!

Another Day another Peloton class

I’ve (virtually) dropped out of the Sierra Nevada and I’m closing in on Sacramento. Christine’s endurance class his morning was fun and tiring. I had wanted to hold my average output above 150 for the 60 minutes.  Average output of 154 would be ideal.  Instead I averaged 148.  That is the best average output I’ve achieved for 60 minutes on our Peloton.  I broke 158 on Chanda’s cycle, but her’s rides easier by 5% to 10%.  Effort is non linear.  Simply taking 105% or 110% of 148 creates an overly optimistic relative output.  Even so, the range 154-162.8 spans my best average output on Chanda’s bike which was 158.  On the plus side, this effort on Chanda’s bike could have been a personal best.  The flip side?  I have to work harder by another 8% to 10% to break a personal best on my cycle.   I could recalibrate our cycle, but that would throw all my prior rides out of “calibration”.

Another day, another cycling class


This was a strenuous class.  I felt uneasy and stiff during warmup and never quite felt good during the effort.  Even so, my stats are pretty good for the class.  660+ people took the class.  I finished number 223 on the leaderboard.

On the virtual ride across the US, I’m “climbing” Yuba Pass; 2750 mi from NYC with 244 mi left to San Francisco.

Cycling improvement in strength for hill climbing or steady state output for duration rides is very slow.  It is hard to judge over a few weeks span.  Looking back to last August I see substantial gains in both.  It’s in my nature to care about bettering myself and to be competitive with myself and with others at similar ability.  It’s just fun, once the huffing and puffing stops and after recovery.

Back on the Peloton cycle

On the 3000 mile “monster mission”, I’m virtually at Norden in California 27836 mi from NYC with 269 miles to go. 

Yesterday I completed my 250th ride.  I’m pretty happy with this ride.  During the final two minutes I was alternately off pace/resistance and way over resistance to make up for it.  This led to spikes and troughs in output at that time.  I had been closing in on people just ahead on the leaderboard and stretching a lead on those behind when I flagged and dropped back.

This was a fun one.



Ari NaNa

We are visiting Ryan and Jessie at their home in South Carolina. Time Flies.  We arrived a week ago though it feels like it’s been a few days.  We took a few days off to visit Ellen’s half sister in Peachtree City, Georgia.  That felt like a vacation within a vacation.

Jessie had her first daughter in November.  She had wanted to name her Aria and settled on Ariana (Ryan didn’t particularly care for Aria, but liked Ariana).  Ari is the most well behaved baby girl I have ever seen.  She is happy and well cared for.  I’ve only heard her cry on the drive from Savannah to home. It’s an hour round trip and Ari was not happy.  Since that time she has burbled, hiccupped, laughed, and “talked”.  Of course a baby at six months doesn’t talk.  She is verbalizing something.  It’s not a cry or a screech, just excited sounds that a happy baby would make.

Ari has been to restaurants four or five times.  She shows a keen interest in her surroundings particularly if there are bright colored things to look at.  She loves people too.  Such personality in a small baby is remarkable. Then I’m not around babies often. I just might be biased.

Jess calls Ariana, Ari NaNa often.  Her first word could well be NaNa.