X-Country Challenge: 80% there


2412 mi from Peloton NY with “just” 595 mi to go.  There is a slew of people virtually pedaling across the country.  There are even seven just starting out in NY.  When finished, I’ll have to do this again and beat my “old” time.

The X-country challenge is facilitated by myvirtualmission.com and established by Peloton rider Angie.  The Peloton cycle updates activities to strava.com (a fitness tracking website).  Strava.com sends info to myvirtualmission.com seamlessly.

I took way too much “time off” and my fitness level has dropped off significantly.  I’m crawling back and it’s a daunting realization how far back I slid.  In the past I enjoyed saying, “stupidity is its own reward”.  These days it’s more, “Laziness is it’s own reward”.  The latter applies to me.

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