Gone Gone Gone...
Welcome to elderGypsies.com.

Well we are not gypsies, though we are growing "elder".  Nor are we nomads; our "home base" is in California.  We hope to spend many months each year "away". This website will help us decide where to go, how to get there, and what to see and do.  Perhaps it will help you too.

ElderGypsies.com is an ongoing project that will grow into a "go to" website for accurate, first hand travel information.  Ellen and I will share in-depth information about places we visit.  As we research new destinations, we will post what we learn and we will critique our research when we return.  We encourage you to share your experiences on our Travel Forum.

Our goal is to live in a place for a few weeks or months to savor the culture.  No whirl-wind drop-in for a day sight-seeing here! Retirement is a few years off.  It will be fun to watch our destination list and research grow.

Happy Trails to You....      Ron & Ellen








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