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Title: homeaway flat in Rome Italy
Post by: RonLeavitt on May 22, 2015, 11:22:31 AM
Rome is our first stop on trip to Italy, Turkey, and Greece this spring; next week actually.
I have traveled through Italy a few times, but never took or had the time to see Rome.
Ellen has visited Rome a number of times.  It will be fun to see the sights she loves.

We will be staying in a flat booked through in Trastevere, to the south of the old city.
There is a trattoria very close by; I can smell the early morning espresso now.

Here is a video of the "artist loft" we booked in Rome.  It is simple and perfect for us.  I expect we will be seldom indoors, preferring to walk the city.
I'm told living in Rome is like living in a fairy tale museum.