Coupeville, Wa

Our trip to Whidbey Island, Wa to visit Jerry and Michelle.
IMG 9053  Lookin' for Food IMG 9192  Found Some IMG 9068  Simply Gorgeous IMG 9031  Wildlife Safari, Oregon
IMG 9036 IMG 9039 IMG 9077 IMG 9085
IMG 9102 IMG 9166 IMG 9027 IMG 9178
IMG 9183 IMG 9196 DSC01087  Mt St Helens KOA Compground DSC01124  Waiting for the Ferry
IMG 5860  Off to Clinton, Wa IMG 1846  Jerry at home IMG 1849  Jerry & Michelle's Farm DSC01145  Farmer's Market
DSC01155  One of the Locals DSC01349  Coupeville from the wharf IMG 2038  Ellen at Sunset IMG 2024  Reflections
DSC01368  Port Townsend DSC01385 DSC01711  Three Amigos DSC01714  Sea Otters
DSC01734  Impromptu Oldie's Rally DSC01737 DSC01740 DSC01741
DSC01745 DSC01769 DSC01774 DSC01782  Side Trip to Langley
IMG 2077  Crabbing IMG 2080  Got Three in an hour IMG 5885 IMG 5889
IMG 5891 IMG 5898 IMG 5935 IMG 5933  Penn Cove at Sunset
IMG 2070  Isabella IMG 5918  Happy Together IMG 9714 IMG 9481  A Dog's Life
IMG 9578 IMG 9724 IMG 9746 IMG 5992
IMG 9768 IMG 9773  Fishing the Pink Salmon Run IMG 9774 cropped  They Were Jumping Like Crazy IMG 9776 cropped
IMG 9806  A quiet moment, Bowman Bay IMG 9809 IMG 5961  At Deception Pass State Park IMG 9827  Taking a Walk
IMG 6017 IMG 9917 IMG 9855 cropped  Ocean Otters at Play IMG 9861 cropped
IMG 9749 DSC01864 DSC01856 DSC01894
DSC01874 DSC01884 DSC01898 IMG 6044  Evergreen Museum, McMinnville
IMG 6049 IMG 6056 IMG 6059 IMG 6069
DSC01997 IMG 6071 DSC01998  Taking It All In IMG 6073  My Personal Favorite
IMG 6078 IMG 6081 IMG 6095 IMG 6102
IMG 6114 IMG 6108 IMG 6152 DSC02125
DSC02129 IMG 6235 IMG 6253  My Other Personal Favorite DSC02223  Fires Inland
DSC02235 DSC02238  This Coleman BBQ Works Great DSC02242 DSC02249  The Bella Union Bar & Restaurant
DSC02252  The Bar DSC02261  Jacksonville, Or DSC02264  Jacksonville, Or DSC02265
DSC02281 DSC02318  At the Beach, Cressent City, Ca DSC02343  Elk Crossing, Orick, Ca DSC02345  Young Buck
DSC02390  Sunset Near Eureka TractorGirl  The Girls New Toy image1  Farmer Jerry