Covid Self Quarantining & Selling Li’l Beast



“This is a Mask, this is not a Political Statement! This is just a Mask”, to quote CNN.

We had a difficult time getting home from Morocco in April. After a few days struggle at Casablanca’s airport with hundreds of others trying to get standby flights to Europe, Gate One Travel and Air France took us to Paris then to Los Angeles and home.

It was surreal sitting in a 747 practically alone. We had a the full attention of the two flight attendants, a wonderful meal, and Dom bubbly.  Still more surreal was landing in LA and passing through Airline staff in full hazmat suits asking where we came from and checking our temperature!  It was so strange I didn’t even consider how weird this was until later.

At home the streets were empty.  Today they are full with people zipping around doing whatever and wearing masks (well mostly).  The virus has not changed.  People’s behavior sure has.  For us, we are long term hunkering in place with the occasional outing.  Would you risk your health to drop off some Goodwill junk?   We did earlier today.  Would we go to an indoor movie theater or have a meal with friends even outdoors?  No, not quite yet.

It is mid October, 2020.  Corona virus infections and hospitalizations are on the rise throughout the U.S.  Projections are for an increase in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths through the fall and winter. Time to stock up on essentials, like toilet paper.  Think March/April all over again.

Li’l Beast


Sometime in October 2019, my wife, Ellen said, “Maybe we should get another motor home.  I like the “D” floor plan”.  “Ok”, I said and did nothing thinking she would drop the idea in a week or two.  About three months later I heard, “The new View “D” looks pretty good.  Maybe we should consider getting another motor home.” “OK”, I said, again thinking this was a passing fancy and would be soon forgotten.  This past August, Ellen again mentioned looking at new Winnebago Views with the “D” floorplan.  Three strikes, time to take this seriously? “Ok, let’s look at the new 2021 models and options”. 

We visited a near local dealer for a “look see”.  The sales guy agreed to show us the one “D” they had on the floor, just to see one.  We had no intention to buy.  That view was sold to a couple before we had a chance to even step inside.  “Sales Guy”, let’s see if the new owners would let you check it out.  They did and we both liked the “D” layout and the new features.  Cool.  However, “Sales Guy” would not let us simply walk away.  He wanted us to buy one on the spot! I discussed pricing with “Sales Guy” who seemed to focus on a ONE DOLLAR.  The difference between $xxx, xx9.00 and $xxx,x10.00! I think he was hoping to have me quibble about a single dollar and not the entire deal.  I suppose this might work for him some of the time.  Ellen saved me (us), by stating flatly, “We are not here to buy and we are not buying anything today.”  That ended the discussion, period. (Thank you Ellen!).

I had a best case dollar figure in mind that our “local dealer” came nowhere near.  I contacted LichtsinnRV in Iowa to see how their pricing compared.  The fellow, Reed, who responded quoted price that was exactly in line with my best case pricing.  “Sold,” and at a significantly lesser price than “Sales Guy” at our “local dealer”.

So after about a year of “Maybe we should consider a new motor home” and the run around from a local Winnebago dealer, we will be driving to Iowa in the dead of winter to take delivery of a brand new 2021 Winnebago View 24D.  Deja Vu all over again.  We flew to Connecticut in February 2015 to purchase our first ever motor home,Li’l Beast, a 2015 Winnebago View 24J.  We drove over 3,000 miles home in one of the coldest winters in a decade stopping often to outfit.  Plates, cups, coffee maker, blankets, sheets, we had nothing.  We learned as we went and had a blast doing it.

It looks like the propane heater, the retracting steps, and the water pump are the only carry-overs from 2015.  We’ll have another adventure learning the ins and outs of a new rig.  This time we will bring supplies with us.

This will be a whole new kind of Covid Quarantining!


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