California Population Nearly 40 Million

It seems to me that the “conservative hell” that is California appeals to people.  It was asked on quora, “what is it like to live in California” by a conservative who thought it must be a living nightmare here.  Well, it isn’t. The answers to that question on quora pointed that out.  Here’s an article about Cal’s population growth.


CALIFORNIA — California’s population is at a new record this year with nearly 40 million residents. The state Department of Finance this week released new figures stating the Golden State welcomed 309,000 new residents in 2017.

Last year’s 0.78-percent growth rate compares to the 0.86-percent annualized growth rate since the 2010 U.S. Census. Since 2010, when the state’s population was 37,253,956, population growth has averaged 333,000 a year, the department said.

The city of Los Angeles, which is also California’s largest city, grew by almost 33,000 persons (0.8 percent) in 2017, adding on to a population of over four million. San Diego, the state’s second largest city with a population of 1,420,000, added almost 20,000 persons during the year.

San Francisco, with a population of 884,000, added almost 10,000 persons, while Irvine with a population of 276,000, added almost 9,000 persons in 2017. San Jose (1,051,000) rounds out the top five largest numeric changes with an increase of 8,500 persons, the department said.

When it comes to counties, the three fastest growing counties were Merced at 4,900 residents, Placer at 6,400 residents, and San Joaquin at 11,500 residents.


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